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Welcome to the Download Forms Section.
This area has been developed to assist the Individual Income Tax Client, from the Simple to the very Complex.

We take pride in producing the best product we can for you to maximize your deductions and minimize your Tax in accordance with all the Complex Rules and Regulations. The Tax Return Organizer is one Tool in reaching this goal.  
Business, Trust, Estate and Gift Tax Returns require a Conference with a Technician in the Office. We tailor the Information Requested to your specific needs. No two businesses are alike and therefore careful attention and understanding of those differences is critical to produce the best Return. 
So, if you are looking for ways to produce the best result for your Individual Return we are going to walk you through accessing the Downloading items area.

There are 2 Choices of Information to Download for Individual Returns:

1. Tax Return Organizer.

    For my faithful returning Clients, you already understand that this is a Tool to assist you in Organizing and Gathering your Tax Return Data for preparation of your Individual Income Tax Return. 

Remember if you want your Specific Organizer with Your Prior Year Data, contact the Office of Cindy J Harris CPA directly via Email or Voicemail and request the Organizer. We will Email the Organizer to you within 24 hours or you can pickup the Organizer at our Office in a Locked Customer Pickup Box. For those Clients far away etc we will Mail the Organizer. 

A 24 Hour Turnaround is our Goal. But due to the volume of requests, sometimes it may take a little longer. 

2. Worksheets, Flowcharts and Other Helpful Items

    The items here give reminders of information to gather, areas to input dollar amounts by category. In addition, information on what and how much is deductible for Meals, Travel and Mileage is at your fingertips. So browse through and see if you find anything that you want to use.

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