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Tax Information and Useful Links

When ever we start our Journey in preparing for Taxes, we remember that we did not keep certain information. Below you will find some very useful Links to obtain information such as DMV Fees (VLF Portion of the DMV Fees), Property Taxes Paid, Mortgage Interest and what is deductible etc.

When you access these areas, Make sure to allow Popups on your Computer, or you may not get through to the Link. This is especially true with the Property Tax Information.

We know this information will save you some time and frustration, we look forward to providing you with Outstanding Service during Tax Season.

A. DMV - VLF PORTION OF FEE: To Obtain How Much of the DMV Fees are Deductible, by Year

Make sure to allow Popups

B. NEW HOMEOWNERS - How to Read the Property Tax Bill 
This site will explain all the components of your Tax Bill.

C. PROPERTY TAX PAID PRIOR YEAR - Get Information right from the Source, LA County Treasurer
 If you do not know the AIN Number, there is a simple method through this Link to enter your Address and they will provide the AIN Number you need to gather the Paid Property Tax Amounts. Copy and Paste the AIN Number on the Site above.

D. BUSINESS PERSONAL PROPERTY - FORM 571L - See Forms All business must check to see if they owe this Tax. This is often overlooked and then when the LA County finds your Business there can be expensive Penalties and Interest assessed.


Remember to ask your Pharmacist, Doctors and Dentist to print you out a Statement of what you spent on Co-Pays and Prescriptions, Appointments and Procedures.

Don't forget the Medical Insurance you pay on your Auto Policy. And for those Medically Insured challenged, remember to consider increasing the Medical Insurance you have on your Auto Policy. Past Clients have remarked that this was a great help to them in certain cases.

Also, remember to have Medical Insurance for yourself/others for the Uninsured Motorist.

Remember to Keep the Receipts for:
Any Motor Vehicle that moves, Car, Camper, Motorcycle etc
Significant  Home Improvements

Remember to keep ALL of your Purchase and Refinance closing Escrows, they are very important  Documents in computing the allowable Interest Deduction. Bring them to your Appointment.

Generally, the following Debt is deductible for Regular Tax Purposes
         1. Original Mortgage plus
         2. Debt up to an additional $100,000 spent on anything you like or want 
The amount of Interest on the Debt on in item 2 above is generally added back to your Income for the Alternative Minimum Tax Calculation. 

For 2007 and beyond, we must have a Receipt from the Church for Donations or anyone else that we make a Donation.

Additionally, we must be able to prove that the Items Donated (such as Clothing) are in Good Condition, so I suggest that you take Pictures of the Items donated. This will also help remind you of what you donated for listing the Original Cost and FMV per item.

Remember to obtain Fair Market Value (FMV) information about any significant donation and keep the information in your Tax Records. Use things like the Recycler or Online Advertising to help  determine the FMV of the donated item.

J. OTHER EXPENSES; Employee Business Expense and Gambling Losses etc

 See the Worksheets we have under "Download Forms". They will provide a variety of deductible items and generate questions for discussion in our Meetings.

Since you have to get above the 2% of Income before the Employee Business Expenses are deductible, remember to keep track of items such as Dry Cleaning Clothes, Travel away from

Home Overnight - we can use a per diem for Meals, Education and any un reimbursed Business Supplies such as Calculators, Briefcases, Computers required by Employment, Job Hunting Expenses,  certain Education etc.

We look forward to seeing you during this Tax Season!

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