Steps to Download

1. Go to the Home Screen.
2. Arrow down to Download Forms.
3. Click Once on Download Forms Menu Item.
4. The next Screen is the CJHCPA Client Center
5. The next set of Instructions give you two choices.
     a. Current Client
     b. New Client
6. Read the Applicable Instructions.
7. For Current Clients.
     a. Go to the "Click here to obtain your Id and Password,
         which is necessary to download the Forms.
     b. Click on the "Click here" highlighted sentence
     c. Go down to the "Please enter your email address" area and 
          type in your Email Address. Make sure your Firewall's do not stop
         the Email, see
     d. Check the Email Address is correct and then hit "Submit" button.
     e. The next set of Instructions tells you to go to your Email and obtain
         your Id and Password. Most Computers will allow you to keep this area
          open and re-open your Browser and go to your Email and obtain the
         Information - Id and Password.

      f. The
            1. Id is sent in One Email and
            2.  The Password is sent in a separate Email.
          I like to "Copy" and "Paste" the Id and Password from the Email to the Login Area.
      g. Security and Firewall's

          Both Emails should come to you within seconds of you entering your Email Address in 
          c. and d. above.

          If you have Firewall setup or have not added us to your Address Book then
         the Email Security at your end may prevent the Email from reaching you.
         Make sure you Add or 
         to your Address Book or authorize us to Email you.

       h. Next, Read the Line below the "Password" 
           "I have read and understand the Privacy Policy and Engagement Letter"
           Make sure to Mark this "Yes" , if you agree and want to proceed to the Download Area.

      i. Next, Press "Submit" button.

      j. Your In the Download Area! Remember you can Choose an Appointment Time Here also
          Now you can do any of 5 Items - You should go through each Area the First Time through this Process.
           1. Update your Profile with Us, (Name, Address, Phone Numbers etc.), "Click" on "Update Profile"

           2. Organizer Delivery, choose the Method (Email, pickup etc) and press "Submit" Button
                 This is how Current Clients can request their Unique Organizer with Prior Year Data, from our Office.
                   This Organizer is different than the Blank Generic Organizer available for Download from this site.

                 Just send us an Email or Voicemail request and we will follow up within 24 Hours. Simply updating your
                 Choice Here will not immediately tell us you want your Unique Organizer.

           3. Make an Appointment Request (give us 3 Dates and Times, we will Confirm via Email or Voicemail)
           4. Tax Forms Download - Click on "Tax Forms Download" and Download all you want..
                  You can choose the 2007 or 2006 Organizer Data! Great for those that fell behind..
                   Follow the Instructions on the Page. Generally, you just place your mouse over the item you
                  want to Download and Right Click the Mouse button and the Download will begin...
            5. Logout
                 You can Download as many Organizers, Worksheets, Flowcharts, etc that you want....

                 Once you are done, go to the "Logout" Choice in the upper right hand corner of the Screen
                 (next to the Tax Forms Download Selection) and place your Mouse over the word "Logout"
                and you will no longer be in the Download area.

                Remember, You can get out of any Area by Selecting one of the Main Menu choices on the Left of the Screen:
                      Home, Services, Links etc. 

                 Use the Links to obtain some of your Tax Return Data, access Government Forms and Publications etc. 
                 For Example, the VLF Portion of the DMV Fee (which is generally the ONLY deductible portion of the Fee)
                 can be obtained by going to: Link, Click on the  DMV site, then
                            Choose "Vehicle Registration"
                            Choose "Fees" right below Vehicle Registration
                            Choose "Vehicle Registration Fee Calculator"
                            Choose "Determine Vehicle License Fee "
                            Then Enter your; License Plate Number and last 5 Digits of your Vehicle Vin Number which is 
                            generally on your Insurance Card or Registration.  

               Enjoy your Journey, we look forward to seeing you soon!